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How to Determine that a Lanyard Suits You

Keys, students and business name badges, cellphones, sunglasses, sports whistles, wallets, pocket knives, music concert cards, and more items are attached to lanyards. You will rarely lose an item that is attached to a lanyard. Some people use lanyards to promote their brands because they are affordable to small and large businesses. Consider these factors when selecting lanyards.

Buy lanyards that have strong and light connectors and hooks. Aluminum hooks and connectors are the best because they are light and not easy to break.

Choose a lanyard that takes a few seconds to wear and take off. You should be able to snap the hooks on your back effortlessly. The lanyard must have an anchor point.

Are impact indicators present on the lanyard? Please buy a lanyard that has quality shock or energy absorbers. Dispose of the lanyard carefully after the shock or energy absorber do not have the strength anymore. The best shock or energy absorbers for nay lanyard should contain 1800lbs or less. The fall arrest force for most lanyards is 900lbs. Shock absorbing lanyards have an external shock pack PVC sleeve. During a fall arrest, shock pack PVC sleeves also tear out. Tubular lanyards stretch when you move, and they also have energy absorbers throughout their length.

Buy either single or double leg lanyards, but they should suit your job requirements. Although single lanyards lack an extra leg, the best thing about them is that they are light in weight.

The webbing should be resistant to damage by adverse weather conditions like moisture and extreme heat from the sun. Extreme abrasion cannot damage cable lanyards. The arc flash and welding hazards should not be able to damage the lanyards easily.

Select customized or off the shelf lanyards. Customized lanyards will be made with uniqueness depending on the specifications of the design that you need especially if they are promotion items.
Choose a lanyard that fits you properly for easy movement. A standard lanyard is six inches long hence buy a lanyard whose size will fit you. The market has more lanyards that are shorter or longer, but they are also adjustable to fit the person. The shock absorbers and polyester on nylon ropes that are on lanyards are used for positioning the lanyards.

Find the most affordable brand of lanyards by comparing prices of various brands. Quality lanyards cost higher, but they are long-lasting hence they are worth the cost. Ask the experts to recommends several quality brands of lanyards on your location.

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